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Fair trade organic coffee extracted with care


Food offerings




We offer several paninis including turkey pesto, ham and swiss, grilled cheese, and veggie pesto. We also offer a breakfast panini with egg, cheddar cheese and hashbrowns.


Chia seed pudding (vegan)

We make in-house Chia seed pudding. It's vegan and tastes great! A nice healthy snack.


Cactus Coffee is built for conversations over great coffee.


Cactus Coffee opened in March 2017 in historic downtown La Verne, CA. Since then, we have been serving traditional coffee beverages, as well as our signature specialty drinks.

We are independently owned and operated. Our roaster is Compelling Coffee in Los Angeles, CA. 






2232 D Street
Suite #102
La Verne, CA



M-F 7a–8p
Sa 8a–6p
Su 8a–6p


cactus coffee est. 3/19/2017

Cactus Coffee is an independently owned and operated coffee shop in downtown La Verne. I'm the owner, Jeremy! I grew up in La Verne, and consider it my home.

I didn't plan on opening a coffee shop, but now I couldn't imagine my life without Cactus. I had been a regular at the old cafe called Coffeeberry, but they closed their doors in December of 2016. The space was vacant and I always had big dreams for it. So I got to work and built out the space, got all the permits, learned as much as I could, bought my equipment, and flipped around the "Open" sign!

I am so grateful to my staff and the community for how they have made our shop a success. It's an amazing feeling to get to do something I love for work every day. Next time you come in, say hello!


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